Christianity And Monument Designs

Born to rich landowner dad and mom, St Anthony the Great was an Egyptian Christian saint which committed his life to the poor. Called a popular leader among the Desert Fathers, at 24 he complied with Jesus words and also sold all his buildings and also used the money to help those that were in demand. On the fun side, Saint Anthony the Great has combated against bad living in a burial place for many years, to ensure he can get rid of boredom, laziness, as well as the phantoms of women. That’s exactly what made him, patron saint of gravediggers.

Saint Therese de Lisieux was a Roman Catholic cloistered Carmelite nun, canonized as a saint soon after dying young, at the age of 24. Admired by generations of Catholics who used to call her, the Little Flower, Saint Therese de Lisieux is famous for being the patron saint of AIDS sufferers, aviators, florists, illness, missions and flowers.

Jesus In The Bosom Of Mary Monument


Catholic Orthodox Theme Headstone


Jesus Carrying Cross Gravestone



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